Knee Hot Belt for Leg Pain Self Heating Magnetic Knee Strap Knee Cap


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Material : Elastic Fabric + Magnetic Stone

Product Weight: 70 gms

Product Dimension : Free Size

Packing Dimensions: 24 x 20 x 5 Cm

Package Content: 2 Pcs

  • Self Heating Knee pad Magnetic Therapy Knee Support Tourmaline Heating Belt Knee Massager Foot Care Tool.
  • Tourmaline heating knee pad thermal Magnetic Therapy knee support Heating Belt knee Massager.
  • Use twice a day, about 2 hours each time (Do not use while sleeping).
  • It is normal that some people with sensitive skin may feel burn or skin turns red. If it hurts your skin, you could shorten use time according to individual circumstances.
  • You could also wear the brace through clothing but the heating effect will decrease and the magnetic effect will work as normal.

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