Socks Organiser 4 Pcs Set With Box Packing


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Material: Plastic

Product Weight: 410 gms

Product Dimensions: 25.5 x 7.5 x 6 Cm

Packing Dimensions: 29 x 11 x 22 Cm

Package Content: 4 Pcs

  • PERFECT DRAWER ORGANIZERS: Sort your underwear, undergarments, bras, socks, neckties, and scarves with this 20 Cells Closet Organizer quickly and neatly, which makes your underwear or accessories easy to find and keep your living space well organized.
  • STACKABLE & MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Put them in a drawer or on a shelf. Use for your underwear, bathroom, office drawers, crafts and sewing, kitchen “everything drawers”, jewelry, kids’ trinkets.
  • STURDY & LONG-LASTING: Stiff dividers, sides, and bottom keep all your items from being crumpled. Won’t fall apart like fabric dividers.
  • WARDROBE / CLOSET ORGANIZER DIVIDER: Easy to slide in and remove from the closet. Keeps Your Innerwear and Small Clothing Organized in One Place So It Is Easy to Find.
  • SALES PACKAGE: Set of 4 Pcs, Colors: Light Blue, Pink, Light Green & Yellow.

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